The secrets of a healthy and productive work environment

As an employer, your employees are undoubtedly some of your greatest assets. This is why ensuring their satisfaction and their well-being pays off. An unhealthy workplace, on the other hand, can cost a business dearly. Research in the UK estimates the cost of an employee’s absenteeism at € 767 per year. It has also been estimated that UK companies lose 32 billion euros in annual productivity due to the taking of sick leave by their employees. 

When we know that 1.9% of British workers take leave due to work-related health problems (a rate comparable to that of other European countries such as Italy: 1.9%, and lower than some other countries like Spain: 2.8% and Poland: 7.7%), it is clear that creating and maintaining a healthy workplace for its employees can have more than one benefit. Fortunately, it is easier to set up than you might imagine, attention should above all be paid to these four key points:

Ensure the good health of its employees

Staying fit and healthy has long been associated with playing sports or living an active lifestyle. Promote it and make sure your employees stay in their best shape. In return, they will naturally be more alert and dynamic at work. This promotional effort can be done while respecting the lifestyle choices of your employees by offering, for example, subscriptions to a gym at reduced prices, or by organizing sports, dance or yoga classes during the break. midday. Organizing a charity walk or run can also bring your teams together and create a sense of camaraderie within them outside the corporate walls.

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More and more companies are also encouraging their employees to: perform annual health checks, get the flu shot in winter and find the help they need from a specialist doctor or other health professionals . These sometimes paid services in English-speaking countries are offered free of charge by the employer.

A healthy diet

Likewise, encouraging staff to adopt healthy diets can dramatically improve their overall well-being. Google Headquarters is famous for the choice and free healthy food it offers to staff. While it may not be possible for you to go so far as to offer meals to your employees, providing them with free fruit, for example, can help boost their well-being and will most certainly be appreciated.

If you have a distributor on your premises, try to offer other healthier options alongside, or, if possible, to ensure that the distributor’s selection includes healthy products. Also, make enough water coolers available to your employees to keep everyone hydrated.

Help manage stress

It is undeniable that the work environment in the office can be incredibly stressful for our employees and have a harmful impact on their mental health. Figures from the UK’s occupational health and safety authority, HSE, show that each year more working days are lost due to stress, anxiety or depression than due to musculoskeletal type problems. And moreover, 60% per cent of British institutions have an action plan aimed at preventing stress-related problems, compared to 50% in Italy, 30% in France and 20% in Germany. 

Now, it has been discovered that even a short period of meditation can transform a person’s state of mind and the following Zen proverb is a good reminder: “You should sit down to meditate for 20 minutes per day. day, unless you are too busy, in which case you should sit for an hour. A handful of organizations encourage their employees to practice meditation to help manage stress. Daimler Financial Services and Deutsche Bank in Germany offer free yoga and massage therapy to their employees to help them deal with work-related pressures.

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Encourage taking breaks

Taking regular short breaks and a full hour’s lunch break are other ways to keep employees alert and focused, as well as making sure employees take all of their time off. To encourage your staff to get all the rest they need, try to provide a pleasant break room for your employees and circulate reminder emails so they don’t forget to take all of their time. leave.

In addition to promoting the good health of your employees, these few key points could breathe new life into your business. Often, it only takes small changes in your workplace to create an environment that is as enjoyable to live in as it is conducive to productivity and creativity.

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