How to create a good working environment?

Several factors can contribute to the lack of productivity in the workplace, such as the lack of a healthy working environment. But a healthy environment is both a good environment for our physical health, but also good for our mind. Discover 8 tips to make your work environment more stimulating and healthy, and thus increase your productivity in a good mood.

1. Use a standing desk

We now know that sitting for too long is not a good idea. Many companies thus offer their employees desks to be used standing («standing desk»). These desks can be used sitting or standing, allowing you to move around and keep your muscles active throughout the day. You can get a full desk or a unit to place on top of your usual desk. Remember, standing all day can be just as bad! It’s up to you to find the right balance between sitting and standing to stay healthy. Also remember to move from time to time.

2. Create a comfortable space

Even if you work closely together on projects, it can sometimes be disastrous to work too close to each other. So you need to find a way to create a positive team space that is the perfect size: small enough for everyone to work near, but with enough space for everyone to work comfortably. Everyone should have their own space, where they can have the tools they use at their fingertips, while being able to look the other way and be able to work with other team members. Another important detail is to make sure you have enough whiteboard space for your brainstorming sessions.

3. Think about the rewards and encouragement

One way to empower and motivate your team is to offer rewards for milestone projects. Any project is exciting at first, but can get more difficult and tedious over time. Set milestones and offer rewards for every milestone you reach, no matter how small the touches. For example, you can simply send an email to let the team know how well they are doing and congratulate them on the important step they have just taken. Maybe you also want to treat the team to coffee or lunch. On a daily basis, it is small actions like these that count and contribute to the good morale of the team.

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4. Keep your teams connected

It is important that your team is connected, even if some collaborators are working remotely. But to establish a truly productive working relationship, it is not enough to work together on projects, it is also necessary to get to know each other. Start by looking for ways to better connect your team. If some are working remotely, use video conferencing so everyone can participate in meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc. Start these meetings with new ice-breaking questions, such as «what is your favorite hobby» or «do you have any pets». In every meeting, conference call, etc., you will learn more and more about the team members and have better contact which will help improve productivity.

5. Surround yourself with plants

The plants can contribute in many ways to create a healthier working environment more pleasant. First, they help improve air quality, which is especially important if your office doesn’t have many windows or the air is dry. Plants also have the power to relax you and brighten up the environment by helping to put you in a better mood. The best plants for the officewould be those that are green and leafy, such as a Spathyphillum or an Aloe Vera, rather than thorny plants such as cacti. Be careful though, if you have too many plants, it can also have the opposite effect and become overwhelming. Try to stick to a few plants, for example, one on your desk and another on a shelf.

6. Promote clean air

Many people end up with work-related allergies, caused by sensitivities to chemicals found in paints, rugs, furniture, etc. Bad air in the workplace can also lead to loss of concentration. While there are things you can’t change, such as carpeting and furniture, you can still promote better conditions by ensuring proper maintenance and having air purifiers placed in multiple parts of the house. office, including your office. A surefire way to create a better working environment is to have a HEPA filter to catch and filter the dirt particles in the air.

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7. Paint green

Studies have shown that the color green could promote creativity. Green is also soothing, refreshing, and energizing. While obviously you probably won’t be allowed to paint your office walls, there are other options. For example, you can bring your own hanging decorations, green ornaments, wall decorations, plants, etc. Choose soothing shades of green like a water mint or celadon green. These shades should also help you relax and get into a more creative state.

8. Encourage conflict

Yes, you read that right! It might sound counterproductive, but having healthy conflict in the workplace is good. This is how ideas are born. Come up with an idea outside the box and see how the discussion unfolds. What may seem completely offbeat at first glance might turn out to be the best idea once your team grabs it and kicks it off with it. Ask your team to write something on an index card related to this idea. Collect the cards, then deal them. Have your team read and respond to each other’s ideas. You might be pleasantly surprised at the proposals!

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