Sustainable development: train yourself for an impactful profession!

Do you want to give meaning to your professional life or to resume training in the sectors of sustainable development, ecology or CSR? TALENTS FOR THE PLANET is the new event dedicated to these issues. Meet from March 17 to 20, for a 100% digital forum focused on specialized training at L3 level and Environment / Ecology masters, then on June 17, for a special job and training fair.

What is the main mission of TALENTS FOR THE PLANET?
Drawing on their expertise in trade fairs and their knowledge of the challenges of sustainable development, the AEF info group and its subsidiary PRODURABLE have decided to launch TALENTS FOR THE PLANET this year .

The mission of TALENTS FOR THE PLANET is to accelerate the ecological and societal transition , through training , professions , employment & entrepreneurship !

Who are the webinars you offer during the digital forum from March 17 to 20 aimed?
The 4 days of conferences that we offer free of charge are aimed at young people , students as well as professionals in retraining , those who want to develop skills on subjects related to sustainable development , CSR , SSE and impact entrepreneurship!

In fact, we really want to ensure that people can, at any age, be trained and have an impactful job , a job that makes sense to them, that does them good, for themselves and for the planet!

Green professions: key figures
144,000 environmental jobs are currently recorded in France, according to ADEME
3.8 million jobs would also be indirectly affected
350,000 to 1 million green or «green» jobs will be created by 2030

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Why is the appetite so present to retrain or take training in the sectors of sustainable development, ecology or CSR?
We are at the crossroads of two considerable “ realizations ” for our society and for us, as individuals:

A real rise in awareness of the climate crisis, on the one hand, with global warming, the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, a real damage to biodiversity
On the other hand, a real desire not only to have a job solely for its remuneration, but to have a job that makes sense to us, that flourishes us every day. Finally, a job to be proud of!
More than ever, individuals need to feel stimulated, useful and happy at work.

The retraining in a profession with impact in sustainable development , the ecology , the CSR as well as the ESS and impact entrepreneurship is therefore a real answer to these realizations!

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