How To change your professional life with ITG

ITG is the leader in Portage Salary. Do you want to become a freelance consultant or get started in entrepreneurship? Change your professional life by having the freedom to undertake while retaining the advantages of employee status. ITG supports you in your efforts and offers you complete training courses dedicated to the profession of an independent consultant. Get started and finally start your professional retraining!

How to access this training?

By following the routes defined on the We validate through a personalized interview the objectives of the person, his degree of commitment, and the modules he has chosen.

How do they take place?

Training takes place face-to-face and remotely , with e-tutoring sessions between each session in order to validate the expected deliverables. There may also be individual e-tutoring as well as blended learning.

What are the possible financial arrangements to benefit from your training?

It is in particular eligible for the CPF (personal training account) as well as the AIF (individual training assistance offered by Pôle Emploi). Any other means of support (including an individual) is also possible.

Become an independent consultant with ITG

ITG offers you a unique way to train yourself in entrepreneurship . For all those who are retraining or who want to retrain, change their professional life by becoming an independent consultant and start a consultancy activity in total autonomy. ITG offers you individualized support as well as solid experience with the reality on the ground.

What is a consultant?

The consultant is an expert who will allow the company, known as the client, to move forward in its projects. It can resolve one or more issues while allowing the organization to improve. He supports internal teams while having the advantage of being external to the company and of having a more “withdrawn” vision. He will be able to bring his know-how as well as his interpersonal skills.
The consultant allows the company he supports to grow through different angles of view. ITG training allows you to professionalize yourself in order to start your own activity as an independent consultant.

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Retraining and entrepreneurship: try wage portage

The portage allows you to become an entrepreneur while retaining the benefits of employee status. ITG’s advice when you want to become a freelance or independent in your activity, is to test your professional project upstream in wage portage mode.

So, when your turnover becomes sufficient, you can create your own structure. As part of the consultant profession, wage portage allows you to start your own business while having a certain salary security.

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