Some useful phrases for a successful job interview

Few prospects are as agonizing as a job interview. As scary as it may sound, sitting down and talking about yourself with a hiring manager is a step that 99% of applicants overcome. So don’t worry!

With a little practice (and a few foolproof phrases up your sleeve), you’ll spend your professional interview like a letter in the mail.

To help you prepare as well as possible, we’ve put together a few helpful phrases covering the topics you’re sure to come up with in a job interview: your personality, your strengths, your background, and, of course, the reason for it. which you want to obtain the intended job.

Describe your personality

When meeting candidates, the recruiter (your potential boss) asks whether or not the interviewee (you) will fit into their existing team. So now is the time to show him who you are and what makes you the ideal collaborator. Here are some adjectives to use:

  • Sociable: a relaxed person who is easy to get along with ( Easy-going in English )
  • Hard-working : a serious person who spares no effort (in English Hard-working )
  • Committed: a person loyal to a project or to others (in English Committed )
  • Trustworthy: one in which we can count (English Trustworthy )
  • Honest: a person who tells the truth (in English Honest )
  • Concentrated: a person who is not easily distracted (English Focused )
  • Methodical: a person who pays attention to detail and work logically (in English Methodical )
  • Proactive: a person who knows how to take initiatives to perform tasks without supervision (in English Proactive )

You can say: I am (sociable) or I am a sociable person / employee / worker ( I’m (easy-going), or I’m a / an easy-going person / employee / worker ). If you want to add punch, use an intensifying adverb like very, extremely, really. (“ I’m very trustworthy,” “I’m an extremely focused employee.” )

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Describe your strengths

Your contact will also want to know your areas of expertise. Why ? Because the job you are applying for requires certain skills – so now is the time to explain what you can do! Positive traits and skills recruiters look for include:

  • The organization ( Organization )
  • Versatility ( The ability to multitask )
  • Respect of deadlines ( Perform to a deadline )
  • The ability to solve problems ( Solve problems )
  • Good communication ( Communicate well )
  • The ability to work in an international environment and with people from around the world ( Work in an international environment and year with people from all over the world )
  • The mastery of foreign languages ( Speak foreign languages )
  • Enthusiasm ( Enthusiasm )

You can use expressions like: I have skills / ability to be versatile / work under pressure / meet a deadline ( I’m good at / I’m skilled at multitasking / working under pressure / working to a deadline ) or my strong point (s) is / are my ability to problem solve / be enthusiastic / speak fluent English etc. ( My strength is / are my ability to problem solve / be enthusiastic / speak fluent English etc. )

Describe your experience

If you have held a job before, you will have valuable experience to bring to this new position. Depending on the type of job you are applying for, your education could also be an important point to emphasize. The experiences of studying abroad or of a gap year are also very rewarding.

Here are some phrases to use:

  • I have five years experience as a waitress / in Retail / as a teacher ( I have five years’ experience as a waitress / in retail / as a teacher )
  • I worked seven years in retail before being promoted to manager during my second year ( I worked in retail for seven years and Was Promoted to manager in my second year )
  • I studied at the University of Queensland ( I Studied at the University of Queensland )
  • I worked as an attorney at Anderson and Associates ( I Worked for Anderson and Assoc. As a lawyer )

Be prepared to go through and explain the main points of your resume. Use the opportunity to expand the content of your CV and give more details.

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Describe your career goals and why you want to get this job

Now is the time to explain to the recruiter why you want to get the job offered. You may want to gain experience in your field, learn a particular skill, think you are a great fit for the company or have particular respect for the company in its industry. These phrases may help you:

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