How to find a job without experience?

Most of the time, finding a job takes experience. But to have experience, it takes work. But to get a job… ok, you get it. This damn vicious circle becomes complicated when you start looking for your first «real job».

Wondering how to find a job without experience? We did some research for you. Here is what we found.

Assess your strengths and interests

First, write down your professional qualities and your shortcomings. Be honest! Do you prefer to work alone or in a team? Are you thorough, sensitive, altruistic? Think about the tasks you love to do and the ones you hate (we’re not talking about household chores here, no one likes to do the dishes): they’ll help you build a  resume that you won’t have to be ashamed of.

Of course, your field of study is also important to consider, whether you are still at school or not: remember your favorite lessons and ask yourself why you liked them. Do the same exercise for schoolwork.

Make new friends

Networking is one of the keys to professional success. Why? Because a lot of jobs to fill are not posted. Often, it is the friend of an employee’s nephew who is hired. It must be said that hiring someone is a bit like choosing the next series to watch online: recommendations from someone you trust matter!

To create a good network, browse job fairs, tell your friends and family that you want to find work, and attend events related to your ideal «professional» environment: a disc launch for culture. , a 5 to 7 of lawyers for the law, etc. Don’t forget to create a  LinkedIn profile to make relationships with all these beautiful people last after meeting them.

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Plant seeds, harvest opportunities

Starting a personal project, applying for an internship, volunteering or simply greeting people you don’t know at a party with friends is a great way to meet people who have values ​​similar to yours. And who, you see us coming, might think of you for a possible job. Amateur sport is also to be considered. You never know where the substitute for your soccer team works who you made a perfect pass on the winning goal!

Build a CV that turns heads

Well, the first CV without experience, that may sound strange, but it’s still a must. Write down your skills and interests, your professional and educational training, and your famous personal projects or related experiences. Avoid putting your photo: this is not a common practice in Quebec. Take care of the graphic presentation of the document and, please, correct any mistakes!

The cover letter is the highway that leads to a job with no experience

The famous cover letter will help you promote your application to a potential employer. Indicate that this would be your first job, but that you are very eager to learn. Emphasize your  »  soft skills  «, that is to say, your adaptability, your creativity, or your interpersonal skills. Illustrate everything with relevant examples that you can discuss during a possible job interview.

Constantly improve yourself

Yes, school and diplomas are important (and even crucial for some positions). However, it is more difficult to find a first job without experience with a simple baccalaureate to display on your CV. Learn to use software online, improve your Spanish or get your driver’s license. Who knows, you might find it useful in a future job!

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Consider another branch

48% of vacant positions in Canada do not require any prior work experience. The vast majority of those perfect jobs for people with no experience are in natural resources, agriculture and related production (73%), and sales and service (63%). In these sectors, finding a job without work experience should not be a huge headache.

Aim for the right job

Usually, to get a project manager position, for example, you need to have a proven track record in junior positions, such as coordinator or deputy. Maybe it’s time to say «yes» to the flat job your uncle has been offering you for two years! By applying for jobs as a youngster with no experience, you will have to prove yourself a little more than your colleagues who already have a few years of work behind the tie (or the lab coat, or the kitchen apron, you see the genre. ). Remember that a first job with no experience can help you realize your skills and career preferences, even if it is not your ideal position. Even if you dream of an exciting career, remember that most people started at the bottom of the ladder.

Good luck!

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