Wireless Engineer


Main Responsibilities

Be responsible for wireless maintenance works, perform the preceding product maintenance and fault analysis, support routine maintenance, fault locating, and troubleshooting of wireless network and proactively prevent problems and ensure network security.

Be responsible for wireless engineering delivery. Be responsible for engineering project delivery of 2G/3G/4G/5G and OSS wireless products, manage project delivery technical solutions and solve or guide others to handle various product technical problems during the delivery.

Support subcontractors during delivery phase and transfer basic skills through trainings

Cooperate with the market in pre-sales technical support and customer communication.


Education: Bachelor degree or above, major in Engineering related major.

At least Bachelor degree or above in communications, electronics, computer, etc. 2-6 years or above working experience in the communications field;

Work Experience

Professional Skills Requirements

Skills requirements: Have basic knowledge of Mobile Networks and deep knowledge of Wireless elements of all or some 2/3/4/5G products, site design and datacom knowledge (IP protocols), and show experience working with related products maintenance and delivery

Operational capacity: Have basic product delivery capabilities, including network planning and design, project delivery software commissioning, hardware supervision, and acceptance test capabilities. Be familiar with the operation process of wireless project implementation.

Project experience: desirable Wireless project or maintenance experience working as vendor or telecom company.

Key Skillset

Have good English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and be able to work as a working language.

Have strong communication and expression capabilities, strong initiative, logical rigor, and strong proactive service awareness.

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Have the capability supporting the different phases of a project, Identify and explore key points, risks identification and Delivery schedule

Have good communication skills with peripheral departments and customers. Be able to analyze and solve problems. Work under pressure.

Able to travel inside and outside the country.

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