Training & Logistics Coordinator (Producer)


As a training and logistics coordinator (producer), you will be responsible for supporting all Prosci virtual and in person role-based training programs; ensuring the quality of the participant’s experience during the program, serving as an assistant to the Master Instructor, and acting as the first point of contact for training participants support post-program. Training & Logistics Coordinators (Producers) will maintain responsibility for individual student needs, and attentiveness to details that keep the program flowing smoothly and on schedule, build customer relationships and become a source of knowledge about Prosci’s offerings as well as developing the ability to answer questions, guide customers in using Prosci’s suite of resources. Training and logistics coordinators (Producers) are responsible for understanding multiple technical platforms and are able to problem solve technical issues on the fly while maintaining a sense of calm in the room. Additionally, Training and logistics coordinators (Producers), are responsible for supporting level 1 technical challenges participants run in to help them navigate to a solution

Note: This role could require occasional travel. If the need arises Training and logistics coordinators (Producers) may be leveraged to support in-person training sessions to perform this support role.

In this role you will: 

• Establish and maintain relationships with Prosci clients. 

• Contribute to Prosci’s experience and brand representation. 

• Become knowledgeable about Prosci’s research, methodology, and tools. 

• Develop solid expertise in technology leveraged for virtual training programs including but not limited to; Zoom and Microsoft Teams. 

• Proactively engage in post-program support. 

• Develop and understanding of all Prosci training programs, including the objectives and requirements for each, as well as who the intended audience is for each. 

• At programs, act as the “insurance agent” that protects the Prosci reputation as a company that excels in the delivery of a world-class instructional program that is professional, well-executed, and on target in addressing the needs of our clients. 

• At programs, build customer relationships through answering first-level questions and by guiding them to the appropriate resources in the office to customize solutions to meet their business needs 

• Work with the instructor as a dynamic and effective team to deliver the best possible experience for the customer. 

• Deliver training activities to program participants to support the learning experience. 

• Liaise proactively with Prosci logistics team to engage onsite business contacts during the program to ensure a seamless experience for participants. 

• Help foster an environment that is conducive and support of adult learners. 

• Participate in Prosci taught programs as an assistant to the instructor and a support resource for participants. 

• Effectively lead all assigned in-class activities, confident speaking publicly. 

• Remain attentive as the classroom assistant to help answer questions and distribute relevant handouts in a timely manner). 

• Provide support to program participants to ensure they understand how to use our tools. 

• Proactively engage with participants to help them identify additional Prosci offerings with the support of a Prosci Account Manager that may be appropriate depending on their unique situation/needs.
• Works with Operations Leader in Latam, to coordinate the correct ordering and reception of participants
materials in local warehouse.
• Manage the reproduction and distribution of all training material including participants and instructor guides
and coordinating all virtual or on-site functions and classrooms and equipment needed prior to a training
• Works with the Latam Training Manager to deliver best in class services to the participants.

What you bring to this role:
• Technical savvy, ability to learn and leverage multiple online learning platforms effectively
• Basic ability to navigate Salesforce to access participant information and supporting resources for training
• Ability to manage competing priorities (i.e., participant needs, instructor needs, technical issues)
• Confidence in speaking publicly in English
• Proactive attitude with a focus on relationship-building with both internal and external customers
• Excellent attention to detail and strong organizational skills
• Emotional intelligence necessary to maintain composure during technical challenges

Experience and Skills you have:
• Native Spanish
• Bachelor’s degree in pedagogy, psychology, industrial engineering, administration or related field.
• High level of customer service, including the ability to handle complex situations with poise, tact, and diplomacy.
• 2+ years of experience in training coordination (preferred).
• Advance English (Speaking and writing)

Work Location & Travel Requirements:
Location for this position is in Santiago, Chile (remote and on site mixed workplace). This position could require frequent
travel when on-site training resumes.

Prosci is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity. We encourage qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristics to apply for employment.

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