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The position exist to provide technical documentation and invoicing/budgeting support. This includes supporting the technical writers with editing documents in DITA/XML, providing administrative support for documents and translations in CCMS, maintaining invoicing and budgeting records, and handling special projects.


Duty 1: Doc u mentation Management/Controls

  • Gathers, colle c ts, organizes, a nd se n ds elect r onic co p ies of docu m enta t ion ( purc h a s e or d er a nd invoi c e) to accounts payable.
  • Revi e w s c o mplet e ness of customer data and docu m entat i on require m en t s (purchase order and invoi c e)
  • T rack all digital market i ng bud g ets and a ccruals a n d up d ates a ll re c ords of m arket i ng e xp e nses, a ccruals a n d other related f i nan c ial items i ncurred by the bus i ness unit.
  • Spot checks to see if the PO has been submitted for payment. May follow up with a person in A/P

Duty 2: Technical Documentation

  • Proof reads ea ch docu m ent.
  • Supports peer reviewed content. 
  • Maint a ins the photo l ibra r y, l ogos, dr a w ing s, and other des i gn as s ets.
  • Checks and v alidates E m erson Branding c oncepts and des i gn for consisten c y for both inte r nal and e x te r nal customers.
  • Revise p r oduct data sheets or other tech n ical docu m ents in XML or Oxy g en
  • Manages inte r nal qu a li t y c he ck on tec h nic a l docu m ents requests. (Standard/ C heck l ist)
  • Edits technical do c uments ( e.g.  Operating Manuals , Technical Descriptions, Product Data Sheets, Quick Installat i on Gu i des, etc.), w rit i ngs, a nd illustrat i ons b ased on t h e org a nizat i o n ’s product information a n d specifi c ation prov i ded b y p r oduct e xperts and e n gi n eers usi n g the standa r d do cu ment templat e s.
  • Coo r di n ates w i th w e b admin i n upl o ad i ng a n d posting of docu m ents to Emerson site.
  • Upl o ads a ll n e w a nd revi s ed docum e ntati o n to printi n g ven d or, w o r l d area offi c es a n d en s ures a ll f i les are t h e latest version.
  • G athers e n g in eer i ng d ata n ee d ed to c r e a te techni c al docu m ents.
  • Interacts with th i rd par t y v endor for translation and distribution.
  • Performs internal quality check on technical documents requests
  • Performs audit on the technical documents that are loaded to the website and submits corrections to the web team

Duty 3: Project Management

  • Receives direction on project via email.
  • Manages   o w n   w o rk   esti m ates   a n d   c a n   n e gotia t e turnaround time w i t h team.
  • Informs the project lead on changes.
  • Creates p r op o sals usi n g sta n dard p r oject t e mplates a nd tools for pro j e c ts.
  • Obtain part numbers matching similar document types from part numbering tool for tec h nical docu m en t ation.
  • Write Change Requests for part-controlled documents. Follows the part through the process.
  • Manages Change Requests through the change management system to release engineering-controlled documents.
  • Manages process to ensure the steps are complete.
  • Signs off or completes task for completed work in Enovia.

Duty 4: Metrics, Reporting and Analytics

  • Generate , analyze, create report/dashboard from different sources and submit to requestor.
  • P erforms data validation to achieve data consistency.
  • Gathers and collates data from different sources based on approved requirements (Established    Simple Reporting)

Duty 5: Training Execution

  • Updates/revises training syllabi, course outlines, lesson plans, and content of existing materials (e.g., presentations, evaluation tools, etc.) for technical writing training courses
  • Conducts    basic/overview/    awareness    training    on technical writing tool usage


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in business, Marketing or equivalent

Job Related Experience: 2.5 years related experience in technical documentation (e.g., manuals, guides, etc.)

Specific Knowledge:

  • Intermediate knowledge of Excel
  • Knowledge on sales and marketing, understanding of translation and website data workflows, understanding of global and cultural interactions.
  • Basic technical capability on FrameMaker and XML Editor
  • Strong written and oral English skills required.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, corporate procedures/regulations.


  • Communication skills (oral & written)
  • Analytical Skills
  • Organizing and planning skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Time/work management
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Presentation / Facilitation skills
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to participate in team environments.

Primary Location

Philippines-National Capital Region-Quezon City

Job Function



Aug 2, 2021, 2:36:49 PM

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    Entry level

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    Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing, Oil & Energy, Industrial Automation


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