Social Media Executive

  • Full Time
  • Botswana


As a social media executive you have to implement the company’s social media marketing. Administration includes content strategy, develop brand awareness, generate inbound traffic and cultivate leads and sales. The social media executive is a highly motivated individual with experience and a passion for designing and implementing the company’s content strategy, creating relevant content blogging, community participation and leadership.


Duties and responsibilities

Responsibility for hands on interaction within social media presence (Facebook, twitter).

Use of toolkit to measure and monitor social activity- find out what works, tweak and improve communications, tactics, campaigns etc.

Respond and react to changes within social networks- functionality, etiquette, reporting etc.

Monitor and present relevant data trends successes exceptions etc. utilise great web etiquette skills to ensure you deliver the right message online, help people, stimulate discussions, encourage debate etc ,‘Think on your feet’ real time content writing online discussions, interactions etc.

Work closely with the website development team and corporate communications.

Enthusiasm with responsibility.

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