Senior Java Developer


• 5+ years strong experience in Java 11+
• 5+ years strong experience building medium to large sized backend systems covering monolith, SOA and microservices architectural approaches
• Experience with implementing systems for observability, scalability, security, redundancy and failover
• 5+ years of experience using VS Code/Eclipse/IntelliJ, maven 3+, Git, Gitflow or similar branching, PR process and code reviews. Experience with configuring.
• CI/CD pipelines is an asset
• 5+ years of experience in and strong understanding of Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Data, REST, AOP, JPA/Hibernate, DI, build configurations, application performance and security best practices
• 3+ years of experience of integrating SPAs with Spring REST backend
• Strong experience with unit and integration testing your code using Junit4/JUnit5/TestNg/Spock

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