Sales Intern

  • Full Time
  • India

Universal Tribes


Jobs and Responsibilities:

1. Understanding the Nature of Business and Product Details.

2. Product Presentation.

3. Leads and Sales Generation.

4. Creating Marketing Pitches. 

5. Digital Marketing and New Vendor Registration.

6. Interacting with Potential Customers for Demonstration and Presentation.

7. Conducting Research and Analyzing Data to Identify and Define Audiences.

8. Maintaining Accurate Records and Updating Database in Excel daily. 

9. Reviewing Sale Performances and Aiming to Achieve Monthly Targets. 

Skills Required: 

1. Business Communication Skills.

2. Influencing and Negotiation Skills. 

3. MS Excel.

4. Time Management. 


Participation Certificate: Active task and meet indulgence for 30 days

Experience Certificate: Rs. 3000/- or equivalent 2 VHP sale

Excellence Certificate: Rs. 7500/- or equivalent 5 VHP sale

Letter of Recommendation

Performance Based Stipend: Rs. 1000/-

  • Employment type



READ:   MTS Software System Design Eng.(88344)