Radiation Protection and Decontamination Technician

ATOMENA Energy Solutions

Post is to hire multiple Radiation Protection and Decontamination Technicians. Very competitive salaries and package.

Job Responsibilities:

Must be a trained, qualified, experienced Radiation Protection Technician to provide radiological protection and decontamination services to protect the health and safety of the general public and employees from the hazards of radiation through surveys, analyses, sampling and compliance with regulations, standards and procedures, as well as through controlling contamination at the source and provide timely response in recovery of contaminated areas.

Must be able to work independently and qualifies to perform in-field monitoring (including continuous job coverage) of radiological work activities, control contamination at source through use of engineering controls, conduct radiological surveys to assess all types of radiological hazards (i.e. Alpha), conduct radiological pre-job briefings, reinforce excellence in radiation worker standards, and perform routine surveillances and inspections in accordance with governing procedures.

Decon personnel will be responsible for keeping services at the containment entry/exit point to ensure the areas inside and adjacent to the contaminated areas are maintained clean.

Must prevent unplanned radiation exposures and utilize various types of radiation monitoring equipment. Results of surveys and data are documented, communicated, and analyzed to determine the extent of radiological hazards to personnel and appropriate protective measures and controls as prescribed. Has authorization to stop work when unsafe radiological or safety conditions arise. Other duties related to the department’s assigned responsibilities may be required to be performed.


  • Minimum Three (3) years or more related experience in Radiation Protection and Decontamination services in Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Understand Rad protection guidelines and ALARA principles
  • Provide radiological and engineering controls with high radiological risk activities
  • Control contamination at the source
  • Perform decon and recover contaminated areas and equipment to a clean state.
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