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Help create a project to bring change to Peru 🇵🇪

We Can Be Heroes Perú develop socio-environmental projects and initiatives in communities and sectors with great needs. We reach the most remote places providing new opportunities and hope to the most forgotten people in Peru. Our country is home to a great diversity of cultures, ecosystems and wildlife, yet it is also a country of great inequalities, where the most remote communities lack basic services to live.

We, with the help of our volunteers we call heroes, provide sustainable solutions that help them generate economic income without harming the environment.

  • We are looking for talented VOLUNTEER Project Managers to assist with the creation of project and grant proposals for the research and biological component of ‘Salva tu Selva’ conservation programme.
  • Volunteer 8 per week remotely 💻

If you have Project Management skills and want to make change happen, apply to join the project now.

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