Product Owner

ELP Consulting Services

We are looking for an experience Product Owner for our client in the Financial Services sector for their BI Delivery Team. This is for a 1 year contract.

Role Summary The Product Owner (PO) is accountable for working closely with the business and product development team to maximise the value of the product delivered by the product team. The PO is responsible for setting, prioritising and evaluating the work produced by the development team in order to achieve the Product and business objectives.

Required Skills/Experience

1. Product Owner/Business analysis certification, training or equivalent.

2. Has a good understanding of the business strategy and vision.

3. It is advantageous if they have very good product knowledge and understands the technical compositions

4. Has a good understanding of business models

5. Must understand and practise the agile principles and values

6. Has experience in performing the traditional business owner or intermediate business analyst role.

7. Good skills and knowledge of requirements elicitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution, negotiation skills continuous improvement, empowerment, and increasing transparency

8. Excellent communication skills

9. Excellent facilitation skills

10. Analytical mind-set – Performing cost benefit analysis as part of the prioritisation of the product backlog.

11. Financial literacy – budgeting as an example

12. Sense of urgency and market awareness

13. Able to lead a team towards a common goal

14. Has knowledge of Customer Experience and User Experience concepts

Roles & Responsibilities: 3 main responsibilities:

1. Accountable for the product backlog – creates, adds, removes and refines

2. Prioritises work to achieve optimal business value through team delivery

3. Is empowered to accept or reject the work delivered by the development team

Full list of roles and responsibilities:

1. Represents the customer’s voice and provide a vision for the product so that the customers can be delighted

2. Communicate and motivate the team to subscribe to the product vision

3. Provide direction and terms of reference within which the product vision must be delivered (e.g. Timeframe’s met, MVP etc.)

4. Create and maintain the product backlog. This may be delegated to the BA, but the PO is still accountable

5. Continuously refine the product backlog

6. Prioritise work and ensure that it is ready for the sprint (ensures user stories are ready for the team to start working on)

7. Define releases and release goals – roadmap, release plan, story map etc.

8. Define sprint goals (with the team)

9. Continuously clarify and provide more detail for the user stories/product backlog items

10. Ensure that the team builds the right product based on the items with the highest business value

11. Accept or Reject the developed product backlog items (at the end or during the sprint)

12. Manage the ROI and ensure business benefit realisation

13. Ensure that management, stakeholders, sponsors are aware of what is being developed and that the vision is aligned with their desired outcome

14. Ensure that what is being built by the team is aligned to what the sponsor, stakeholders and users require

15. Facilitate workshops e.g. Impact mapping, story mapping etc. with impacted stakeholders

16. Communicate to the organisation – forecasting, management reporting, sponsor liaison etc.) 17. Fully accountable for the workable product which adds the most business value.

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