Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)


• Manage and maintain an effective Financial Crime Prevention program to protect the company against Fraud and Money Laundering Risk, Internal Fraud, Security and related reputational risk.

• Have strong business acumen and can assess risk realistically in a business environment, not just perform a tick the box exercise

• Set target deliverables and monitor the effectiveness of the FCP Programme

• Responsible for anti-money laundering (AML) compliance providing oversight and control

• Responsible for the development and maintenance of an effective and strategic anti-money laundering program

• Remain up to date and understand the AML guidelines set out by Central Bank of the Bahamas as well as industry best practises

• Develop and manage a regular monitoring and reporting process to inform senior management, the audit committee and the board, as necessary and required

• Ensure that all activity and transactions that are identified as potentially suspicious are investigated, reviewed and resolved in accordance with established procedures and in a timely basis

• Build and maintain good relationships with the bank’s correspondent banks, ensuring that any queries from them are dealt with in a timely basis, and that we proactively notify them of transactions under investigation or rejected transactions.

• Work with our Group Compliance to ensure that any group changes are reviewed and adopted if necessary

• Work with Group Compliance to develop and maintain onboarding controls.

• Review the RBA Scoring that the Bank uses and propose updates as needed

• Handle sensitive investigations personal and discretely.

• Be a point of contact for law enforcement, regulators and FIUs in the countries the bank operates in, whilst keeping executive management, group compliance and the audit committee informed of all contact


▪ Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree and 5 years relevant experience

▪ Contract will be subject to receiving the necessary regulatory approvals.

▪ Must have suitable industry recognized qualifications in AML, and Risk Management.

▪ Member of BACO/ICA preferred

▪ Strong systems, process and best practices experience.

▪ Well organized and self-directed.

▪ High integrity and honesty.

▪ Articulate.

▪ Excellent presentation preparation and delivery skills.

▪ Good leader and educator who is trustworthy, willing to share information and serve as a mentor.

▪ Decisive with a “big picture” perspective.

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